Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Y.C.O. (You.Chose.Otherwise)

You had me at hello, but forever lost me at goodbye.. If I wasn't worth your time, why should you be worth my cry?

You lead me to believe that we would last forever, however, whenever push came to shove you were nowhere to be found.

So now that I've found my courage, my voice, I speak up when you come back. I say I love you but dignity is a quality you lack, for that fact, I'm fed up.

Fed up for living the lie that I so passionately desired, for that to become truth I would have willingly died.

But no, you said GO, pointed with your finger and I went, and as I did my soul wept. But even after walking a thousand miles away from you my heart u still kept.

But so pointless it was for being in your hands you were to careless, and I see now that I'm worth more than being with a person who could careless..

So with this said, you had your chance, had your opportunity of a life filled with romance.

But you chose otherwise, but I assure you old friends that choices you made was not wise!

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