Sunday, July 3, 2011

Without You

It seems to me that my nights will once again be consumed with timeless tear drops, in a never ending time glass, continuously counting slowly; seconds feeling like hours, hours feeling like days. And as the seconds pile up upon my shoulders, my heart breaks more & more. Its an unbearable pain, that of an epic hammer continuously pounding on my chest; never being satisfied with the last strike, so the blows grow stronger and becomes faster rapidly crushing my beats. The tears burn as they fall down my face, like rivers of flames that continue to conquer my flesh, night and night again. My eyes swell up & with a stinging sensation, feeling like 1000 wasp repeatedly attacked them, one after another and back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. my body aches with cold chills and then in hot sweats, so near to a feeling of being surrounded by an internal fire, fueled by my loves loss. Knowing you do not want me in the way i yearn for you, for your touch, your voice, your beauty, brings a pain to my soul. Your touch is gentle and soft portraying the reflection of one of God's angels, confirming that he is real, because nothing else could create something as beautiful as yourself. Your eyes, your eyes seem to look into the depths of my soul and touches it with love. Your smile is so refreshing; like taking in the mornings first breath of air after the first winter snow. Your voice is the only sound i love to hear, your whispers, your laughs, your giggles, your cries. I want them all, all of these are reasons why i will never be happy without you, and reasons why i will never stop searching for your love.

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