Thursday, July 7, 2011

Because Of YOU!

I inhale emotion and bleed out passion, but the she doesn't believe me so she continues on stabbing! Even as it pours out my pain is not enough, so caught up in the moment until I turn to dust! Declaring that my words are to loud and my actions are silently muted, not willing to see that the sincerity of my sentiment it profoundly rooted. One day you shall understand I never express feelings that I do not grip, so when I exclaim that I fell for her its not because I slipped. Its certainly not caused by the winds that blew, it because of every little thing you do. I guarantee its not one of the childish games I like to play, its because you're the only woman that could make me feel this way. And I know u think its because your a challenge that's new..... But I'm sorry to inform Its genuinely just because of YOU!

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