Monday, July 18, 2011

Rooftop Romance

She whispers to me softly in my ear, with the smooth vibrations of her captivating voice, "Can I show you something cool?" She asked as I'm chivalrously holding her in the summers night. "Of course." I reply, as she leads me to the peak of her apartment building on the fourth floor. Unknowing to her that the site of being in a high place with no brace frightens me to the core. So as it is, I am with her and no longer have a single fear in my body for she has put me in a place of safety. She then takes me, intertwined by our hands to the edge of this build. Then stands in my arms as we look upon the city lights of the towering buildings. Wishing that this occasion would last an eternity beneath Gods stars, the moon reigns majestically throughout all of the City of Angels. The scent of her hair is still with me at this time, just thinking of the touch of her hands holding mine, warms my bodys flesh. "Isn't this beautiful?" She questions. As I answer yes, in my heart I am thinking that this glorious sight is not even a fraction of her beauty. She then turns to face me and suddenly I forget that the world exist around me as we gaze into one anothers eyes. Should we share a kiss? Yes, why shouldn't we? Total love is rushing all over my beingness as Gods angel is standing before me... But we don't. Not even a peck. Am I fool for letting her slip out of this moment? Perhaps, but as it may be, this eternity has come to just a few minutes in my life. As we take her elevator down back to the ground, we share what I know in my mind will be our last embrace. It kills me but this is how I know things will finally end for us on our journey. But I make sure that this hug is the best in my history, for I know she will forever be the biggest impact in my lifes story! This was my City of Angles Rooftop Romance!

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