Tuesday, July 12, 2011


She smiles for him in the morning because her feelings demand to direct her action for her ashamed intention. She kisses him at noon for reasons that she must justifies sadly to herself in her own mind. She sleeps with him at night as he tells her he loves her and she dreadfully replies, "as do I". All the while there's another man sprinting entirely throughout her imagination that she is surly in love with. Silent tears rain out of her eyes, drenching her pillows as her longtime companion is sleeping next to her. Depressed, for the true soul mate of her heart is laying in his chambers enslaved by solitude amongst the nightly creatures, as her body begs to be with him. Her stomach, grows angry with her unsettled feels that it kills her daily appetite. As the days pass on, she grows weary and her body begins to shrivel. Its pitiful how the man she sees constantly let's her anguish go unnoticed, as her sweetheart whom is miles away can exhibit her demolished heart without a word being said unto him. Pain being felt between their souls, for they are torn apart by a judgmental society. When will the day come where they both say screw it to the world so they can be happy.

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