Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Rachel

Dear Rachel,
Daily I remember you telling me stories of your life while I would sit locked on to your every word as if I were watching it play out before me in a movie. I remember your loving voice and irreplaceable smile that was the light of my familys legacy. I remember smelling the aroma of your home cooked meals, remembering you making tortillas in my mothers kitchen with your apron filled with powder and masa. I remember me sitting on your lap as a kid while you rocked me back and forth until I fell asleep in you arm underneath your singing. I remember you watching your novelas and I would just sit with you not understanding a single word, I just remember wanting to be near you. I remember your skin as I would pinch it and watch as it slowly went back to its place. I remember when you would hand me money folded up as my mother wasn't looking with a smile on your face. I remember always feeling like you were the only person that truly understood me, remembering the feeling as if I were an outcast and you still took me in... All this I remember of you Rachel, and I want everyone to remember that I will never forget you.

Your Baby Grandson

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