Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lonely Girl

Trails from tears running down her cheeks, looking out the window not knowing what she seeks. Tissues, balled up, scattered all across the cold hardwood floor. Love, breaking her heart with guys promising her more and more. Falling for their games that they play and tricks that they portray, thinking its them that she is falling for, little does she know she keeps knocking at the wrong door. But you can not find a single reason to blame her, that would juss add to all the other things that come up screaming to shame her. For defiled relations is all she has ever known. Since her earliest day she was taken advantage of at a trusted friends home. Started off as all simple games, then doors locked and she would have much rather gone insane. "Watch this movie," he tells her, "its what we adults do." To confused by the actions that have been made, he breaths heavily on her like a terrible hurricane, this is all to true. She watches on feeling that no other option can save her. Terrified, inside she's crying out for a savior as her pureness dissolves to ashes. Mother, Father, Brother, Sisters, come save me, I need you now, but to afraid that they treat her like trash. For months, this goes on with no one around her not knowing a single ounce of her pain. A smile is fiercely painted on her face, not wanting her family to get involved with this bitter taste. So she juss continues on looking for love, continues on yearning for anothers hug... But loneliness is all she ever found, stuck in her room with cold wooden floors, and silence is her only sound...

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