Friday, August 26, 2011

The Story So Far

The story so far from coming to an end. So far in these nights I grow lonesome u laying next to me is what I have to pretend. So far in distance, yet so near to my heart; Intense beating in my chest the entire world hears it once it starts. So far and beyond you take my imagination; Imagining you being put together by God, as Gods greatest creation. So far, all these emotions that you have made me felt, you've made my body go numb, my heart you made melt. So far Love, you have taken me on a journey, so for our love there's no tell when it will end, seem like a pleasant eternity. This is what has been written about a dark knight looking up toward his glorious star, this is about us, our truth, & The Story So Far.

Yours Truly

For as long as I could remember since the earlier part in my life. Growing up with love stories playing all over movie screens, man loving woman asking for her to be his wife. So many fairy tales in a day that seems so far fetched, because this worlds definition of love has turn into something ugly, when was it switched. I could remember a time where girls trusted in their men, but now they can't trust each other but they continue on "happily", surely its pretend. When their stories they tell of commitment are so untrue, as the little ones watch on, in their future what will they do? People can't seem to realize that their action affect others. My pops cheating on my moms didn't hit me but it could have struck my brothers. So how am I to have faith in a thing called love? And I'm talking about the real type, not the kind where a dude saying he's a "player" and its in his blood. So many people in this age have watched their own hearts straight shatter, all because a selfish individual conceives an idea that another's love doesn't matters. So if people could juss wait for that truly special one rather then being played behind all closed doors. You wouldn't have a broken heart and seen that yours truly, was never truly yours!