Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kicking back as the age accelerates on through the hour glass, never wishing to skip a beat with you, for the thought of a flatline occurring between us terrifies my mortal character.
  Even as the obscurity of the night lingers on passing us by, I'm still comfortable, having you place safely in my arm with the knowledge that nothing can harm you here.
  Over looking you well your dreams transcend through your mind, curious to know if I'm your knight in shining armor at the end of your fairytale dreamland.
  It would be deceiving, if i said i didnt have an unease feeling of losing you, with that placed in my mind, i am frightened of living in a daily nightmare, so as i aspire to keep you near, but still not wanting to suffocate your spirit.
  As i embrace u tighter before the sun appears, it's known to "I" that the night is its coldest, and  its darkest before the dawn, but you bring me a pleasurable emotion from the fever of your love

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