Sunday, July 3, 2011

 Well steadily breathing, upon your appearance i gasp desperately.
  Wondering at a daze; what it is, what is it about you that seems to take the very air that i inhale away, depriving my lungs to breathe.
 The same reason that suddenly stops my heart from beating; and it is a question that is going unasked.
  One would say that it is suicide to pursue something as dangerous as you, deadly to my body, yet quenching to my lust for love.
  Like an essence in a syringe, being injected into my vain, seeking you with cravings of your emotion into my blood stream
  Yearning for your voice, to what appears to be that of an angle in my disillusion of my vision.
  The anatomy of yours brings pain to mine as i am sitting in hunger for our next encounter, with the attention like that of a drug addict, fully convene to you.
  I impatiently await, not comprehending the delay of your affection towards i. which would cure me of my infectious disease of love

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